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It is our strong/weak point J  L :-



Consuming and pupils/teachers behaviour/knowledge

  1. Is it possible for your pupils to buy organic or ethically marked snacks during the school day?




  1. How usual is it to give immaterial gifts?




Consuming and the school

  1. Does the kitchen/café/cantine buy locally/organically produced ingredients/food?




  1. Do you re-use school material (for example books) from one year to the next? Describe what and how.




  1. Are there products bought to your school that you consider should be more ecological? What products if so?




  1. Are the pupils taught about ethical or ecological labels and their meaning? (The Fair Trade label etc.)




  1. In what way does your school notice an ecological way of consuming in its work/education?




  1. Is there a subject or a special day in your school that reminds pupils of economical/sustainable consumering?




  1. Do the pupils at any occasions sell eco-products or self-made products in your school? Describe!




  1. What eco-friendly materials were used in the inner/outer architecture of your school?




Consuming and the society around the school

  1. What kind of ecological labels are there on products in the nearest stores around your school?




  1. Do you co-operate with local organisations that promote regional/locally produced items?




  1. Do you have a day at school when pupils and parents can sell, buy or switch /exchange second hand products?




  1. What kind of fleamarkets are there in the neighbourhood and what types of products do they normally sell?




  1. What kind of organic/ecofriendly products are produced in your nearby area?